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The Sitter

The Sitter silently protests against furniture’s traditional structure. Rather thinking from activities and movement, the hard-soft sitting object was designed to ask for interaction and playfully leaves open people’s interpretation of its shape.

Meant for indoor public space, The Sitter attracts the user to curl it up and therefore create an intimate setting. Bended according to the user’s wish, it is left in a certain state, inviting the next person passing by for interaction.

This cheeky object seems to have a mind of its own. It contains two soft sitting parts that are linked by a hard connector. A contrast between a shiny polished surface and a rougher sitting texture invites the user to seize the sitting part steadily with two hands in order to change its shape and so its colour. The Sitter is a ‘high-low’ object. The more bended, the more its sidelong incisions will open up: a surprising effect appears.

The Sitter was cork-coated by CooLoo.