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Spunky Spacemakers

Spunky Web’s Spacemakers shows a collection of three spacemakers as outcome of profound material research. A new technique was born: two materials that are not commonly combined are merged into a new type of weaving. It requires minimal material and creates strong, light-weighted yet perceptibly delicate jewel-like structures. Thin yarns fuse with elegant tiny sturdier drops of plastic. Iridescence and fragmented appearance of colour create an optical surprise and play with opacity.

Meant for the interior, they gently divide space; either hanging freely or close to a wall or window. The precious textiles bring a lively and very tactile atmosphere to a space.

Fenna van der Klei joins unusual material combinations and cutting edge technologies in order to reinvent the way textile surfaces and/or textiles are produced.

The textiles are produced in panel sizes of 120cm x 240cm.

2018 and ongoing