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Space Suit(e)_Volkshotel Amsterdam

2nd Place Volkshotel Special Room Design Competition

Room 503 is meant for the ultimate traveler. In this room, everything is all about the ‘Super Launch’: an unforgettable journey to the psychedelic dreamland.

The most important is an excellent preparation. At arrival in the room, all belongings will be taken to the the quarantine vault and the Space Suit will enclose the body: the perfect outfit to, safely, explore all services of the hotel.

When returning to room 503, a warm bath is the best way to rinse the body and say goodbye to Planet Earth, while being surrounded by inquisitive materials and textures.

Once laying in the soft and floating bed, the “launch”-button is there to be pressed... aviator, new heights are reached, taking off to dreamland..

In Collaboration with Patricio Nusselder